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Matthew is the owner of Soundscape Mastering and Natural Selektion Labs, a remote mastering studio that also provides editing, mixing and audio restoration services.

In addition to the resources here, Matthew provides a convenient web based file transfer system to support our remote clients anywhere in the world. Through this system, clients can upload their songs, send in notes, preview their finished master and download the final files quickly and easily.

Established in 2012 by brothers Matthew and Graham Borland, Natural Selektion Labs was the natural progression of creative projects they were working on as individuals. Matthew, who serves as NSL’s lead engineer, holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Production from Full Sail University and has over 15 years experience in studio settings as well as a background in live sound.

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With the creation of 2011’s “Mana Machine,” and the idea to create a production and publishing house for their own music, Matthew created Soundscape Mastering, a division of Natural Selektion Labs, to produce, mix and release not only his own creations, but projects for other artists. He launched the educational side of Soundscape Mastering in 2023, to provide resources to other artists who are looking to learn more about sound design and music production.

In addition to the studio and this website, Matthew also performs live across the United States. He’s worked with Doomtree, Ivan Ives (the lulls in traffic), Jel, Clavvs, Blueprint, Wake atl, Nasty Nasty, Dälek, Deku, Sole, Dj Spintelect (Blackstar), Sage Francis, Isness, Higher Learning, Black Milk, Dj Pain 1 and STS9 to name a few.

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